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First Contact Physio (FCP)

The First Contact Physiotherapy (FCP) service is available in Foyers for expert assessment and management of musculoskeletal conditions.

When should you see your FCP?


If you would like an appointment, simply contact the practice and ask to see Rachel, your FCP.

You don’t have to live with muscle or joint pain. Many muscle and joint problems can be managed at home with support from a team of physiotherapists. Safely assess your condition using our online digital referral tool Phio, to connect you to the right care, in the right place.  To access Phio please click the button below.


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Physiotherapy pelvic health self-referral service

NHS Highland physiotherapists offer a self-referral service for continence and other pelvic health problems.

Self referral forms (linked below) can be printed and returned to the addresses on the form, or handed in to your nearest physiotherapy department. The ability to access the referral form here will hopefully reduce the anxiety people have about seeking help.

Many people do not realise that urinary incontinence and prolapse, although common, should never just be accepted. The majority of people do extremely well with a series of exercises supervised by a physiotherapist. Specialist pelvic health physiotherapists also treat bowel problems such as constipation or faecal incontinence, and pelvic pain.

Although incontinence often occurs for the first time in pregnancy, it is not just a pregnancy related condition, and many men also suffer from incontinence. People often do not seek help because they are embarrassed, but our staff are used to discussing bodily functions and will make every effort to help people feel relaxed and comfortable.  (NHS Highland Dec 2023)


For more information on Physiotherapy and Phio you can visit NHS Highland below


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